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When it comes to your future, it is essential to reach out to a defense attorney right away.

DUI Defense Lawyers In Connecticut

DUI Defense Lawyers In Connecticut

I offer my clients the personalization that comes with hiring a small firm, but with the results that typically come from larger firms. Our attorneys thrive due to our combined experience and aggressive approach, getting you the best results possible when handling your DUI defense. With locations in: New London, Pomfret and Norwich. We are truly here to serve the Connecticut community. We are here to guide you through your defense, contact us today for a compassionate team of attorneys that will put your interests first!

What Should I Do If I Was Stopped For Drunk Driving?

If you are stopped for drunk driving, the way you conduct yourself will play a significant role in whether or not you are arrested – and even convicted. Upon contact with law enforcement, it is important to understand that you are only required to provide three pieces of information: your driver’s license, proof of insurance, and vehicle registration. You are not obligated to answer any further questions from the officer, no matter what they tell you. At this point, they are attempting to establish probable cause to arrest you for drunk driving. Be sure to politely tell the officer that you decline to answer any further questions and that you wish to speak with your lawyer before providing any additional information.

The officer may also ask you to complete a series of field sobriety tests, which you also have the right to refuse – and you should. These tests make it easy for law enforcement to provide evidence against you, and they are often exaggerated to suggest that you are impaired, whether or not you are.

You may also be asked to submit a preliminary alcohol screening, which you also do not have to do. However, refusal of a breath test may result in an automatic driver’s license suspension, as well as the requirement to have an ignition interlock device installed on your vehicle for one year.

What Is Considered A DUI In Connecticut?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you’ve had a few drinks and are not sure whether you’re legally able to drive? It’s not uncommon to make this mistake, and it can happen to anyone. One moment you’re out celebrating a big achievement, and the next thing you know, you’re being pulled over for driving under the influence (DUI).

In Connecticut, the law constitutes a DUI as driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or driving with an elevated blood alcohol content. For a non-commercial driver over the age of 21, the legal BAC limit is .08%. For commercial drivers, the limit is half that, at .04%. For drivers under the age of 21, the limit falls down to just .02%.

Drivers can be pulled over for a suspected DUI for a vast array of reasons, from speeding to failure to maintain their lane. If law enforcement can prove that your BAC is above the legal limit using breathalyzer or chemical tests, it is likely that you will be charged with DUI in Connecticut.

DUI Defense

DUI Defense

A DUI conviction has the potential to result in serious penalties, which is why the sooner you contact our firm regarding your case, the better. In an initial, complimentary consultation, we can discuss the details of your case, provide you with our opinion, and inform you of what is the most suitable course of action.


In Connecticut, a DUI conviction can have serious consequences that can follow you around for years. That’s why it’s important to consider hiring a DUI attorney to help you navigate the legal process and minimize the potential consequences of a DUI conviction.

A DUI attorney can help you understand the legal system and make informed decisions about how to proceed with your case. They can also help you explore potential defenses and negotiate with prosecutors to potentially reduce the severity of the charges against you.

If you’re facing a DUI charge, the stakes are high. A conviction can lead to severe penalties, including fines, jail time, and the loss of your driver’s license. It can also impact your reputation, job prospects, and personal life. It’s essential to work with a skilled DUI attorney who understands the nuances of Connecticut’s laws and can help you achieve the best possible outcome.

Hiring a DUI attorney in Connecticut can help you protect your future and minimize the potential impact of a DUI conviction. While it’s easy to judge those who have been convicted of DUI, the reality is that it can happen to anyone. Even if you think you’re not affected by alcohol, you can still be over the legal limit and face serious consequences.

In conclusion, if you’ve been charged with DUI in Connecticut, it’s essential to hire a DUI attorney to help you navigate the legal system and protect your future. Don’t let one mistake ruin your life – work with a skilled attorney who can help you achieve the best possible outcome.

How To Find An Experienced Connecticut DUI Attorney

If you’ve been accused of DUI in Connecticut, you need to immediately contact a DUI lawyer. In Connecticut, having hired a DUI attorney right away communicates a clear message to the prosecuting attorneys on your case: you will be taking this charge very seriously. You have invested in an attorney who knows how to fight against your conviction.

You do not want just any DUI lawyer; you need someone who is experienced in defending against DUI charges. You want an attorney who is not afraid to go into a courtroom and fight hard for you. Find an attorney who really cares your situation and doesn’t just consider you another client to bill. Search for a Connecticut DUI attorney you trust, who explains the legal process in a way that you can easily understand. A good lawyer is there to form a protective barrier between you and the rest of the court system.

Steven Tomeo is a DUI attorney who is dedicated to providing vigorous representation to Connecticut clients who have been charged with DUI. He is committed to giving each client individualized attention and legal advocacy that is unmatched in the state of Connecticut. Attorney Tomeo provides the type of skilled criminal defense for your DUI case that will make all the difference when it comes to protecting your future. Our experienced attorneys are here to assist you in preserving your legal rights and fighting to have the DUI charges against you reduced or dismissed.

Having a highly skilled legal representative, like Steven Tomeo, on your side means putting your DUI case behind you sooner instead of later. Not only will you end up with a better outcome in your DUI case, working with an experienced attorney can also limit how much time you have to miss from work and how much money you will have to pay in fines and legal fees. By teaming up with our Connecticut DUI lawyer, you can give yourself a chance to keep a DUI conviction off your criminal record and preserve your driving privileges, keep your insurance rates from sharply rising, and save your reputation within your community, family, and professional industry. Invest in your future now by hiring a reputable DUI attorney to handle your Connecticut DUI case, before it is too late.

Even if this is not your first DUI charge and you have been convicted more than once in the past, you have rights! Steven Tomeo & Associates will make sure that they are all honored and protected. We will never give up on you or your case. Contact dedicated Connecticut DUI attorney, Steven Tomeo at Steven Tomeo & Associates for a totally obligation-free consultation today. Find out exactly how we plan to help you defend your legal rights and save your future and reputation. If you have a pending DUI case anywhere in the state of Connecticut, do not wait until it is too late. Contact us immediately to begin minimizing the damage you face and putting this situation behind you as quickly as possible.

Should I Take The Breathalyzer Test?

Upon being stopped for a suspected DUI, the officer will likely ask you to take a breathalyzer test. While you have the right to refuse this test, it is important that you understand the consequences that may arise if you do.

Connecticut has a law called “implied consent”. This means that anyone driving in the state of Connecticut automatically gives implied consent to the testing of breath or blood if requested by a member of law enforcement. As a result, if you choose to refuse a breathalyzer test, the police officer can obtain a warrant that requires you to submit to a urine or blood test.

Violation of implied consent can carry penalties such as:

  • Up to six months driver’s license suspension
  • Uo to a $500 fine
  • Up to 2 years in prison

While you have the right to refuse a breath test, most DUI attorneys will recommend that you evaluate the repercussions, as they may outweigh the potential of blowing over the legal limit.

What Are The Fines And Other Consequences For Your First DUI In Connecticut?

A first-offense DUI conviction is classified as a misdemeanor in the state of Connecticut. The penalties for this offense may include:

  • License suspension for 45 days
  • Ignition interlock device requirements
  • Fines ranging from $500-$1000
  • 48 hours mandatory minimum time in jail, with the possibility of an up to 6 month sentence, OR
  • Suspended 6 month jail sentence with one hundred hours of community service

In addition to these punishments, there are also other factors to consider, such as court fees, ignition interlock payments, and alcohol & drug assessments. If you are facing a possible DUI conviction in Connecticut, it is critical that you speak with a DUI convictions attorney about your case as soon as possible.

The drunk driving laws in Connecticut can be complicated to understand. With the oversight of a legal professional, you can navigate through this situation with confidence and clarity – and move toward a life free of legal challenges.

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