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Though facing multiple DUIs is often stigmatized, it’s actually more common than you think. You don’t have to be completely out of control or reckless to get charged with a DUI, or even several DUIs. DUIs are often last-minute lapses in judgement where a person’s wiser instincts were momentarily overridden, or where they wrongly estimated their level of sobriety or the level of alcohol that would show up in their blood on a BAC test.

Maybe you had that last drink at the Christmas party too soon before you headed home. Maybe you thought a drive was quick enough that you could make it. Maybe you were asked to drive last minute because someone else would have been left in the lurch otherwise. There are many circumstances that may have led to your current DUI, as well as any past DUIs. Unfortunately, intention isn’t really considered when adjudicating DUIs, and the reason a person is facing a DUI doesn’t change their charges.

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DUIs are taken very seriously in the State of Connecticut. This is especially true for multiple DUIs, and even truer if your DUI occurred less than 10 years after your last DUI. Multiple DUIs are almost always taken more seriously than first-time DUIs. Though this may seem unfair to someone who feels they had a valid reason for any of their DUIs, there is a reasoning behind this uptick in sentencing. The reasoning of the law is to discourage repeat instances of a behavior that may endanger the lives of others, regardless of intention.

As a result, available sentencing for a second DUI is worse than available sentencing for a first-time DUI.

In the State of Connecticut, a second DUI is a felony charge. If convicted, you will have a felony on your record, which can pose a host of additional challenges. These include employment issues, public program and housing access issues, and the loss of the right to vote, among others. In addition to felony status, consequences for a second DUI within 10 years of a first DUI can include:

  • Jail time (with a 120-day mandatory minimum, and a maximum of up to 2 years)
  • Mandatory alcohol and/or drug treatment
  • Fines of up to $4,000
  • Minimum 45-day license suspension
  • Three years with an Interlock device
  • 100+ hours of community service
  • Revocation of commercial driver’s license, if applicable.

If this is your third or subsequent DUI charge, those penalties can be even more severe. Like a second DUI offense, a third or subsequent DUI is a felony, and being convicted of those charges comes with all of the complications associated with a felony conviction. Additional sentences for a third or subsequent DUI in Connecticut include:

  • $2,000 to $8,000 in fines, in addition to any court costs and fees.
  • 1 to 3 years in prison (with a 1-year mandatory minimum sentence)
  • Automatic license revocation (with appeals available after two years)
  • Probation (usually at least 2 years from prison release date)

It is also important to note that standard sentencing guidelines for multiple DUIs can be heightened in circumstances that may worsen the potential harm caused by the DUI. These are sometimes referred to “aggravated circumstances”. A DUI may be considered “aggravated” if:

  • There are minors present in the car
  • You have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) over twice the legal limit
  • You are driving on a suspended or revoked license
  • You refuse to submit to chemical testing (breath, blood, or urine) for drugs and/or alcohol
  • You flee the scene at any point
  • You resist or refuse to cooperate with a police officer
  • The accident involves severe property damage, serious injury, and/or death.

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In the event that your charges are considered “aggravated”, you will be more likely to face mandatory substance abuse treatment, higher fines, longer periods of driver’s license suspension without appeal or revocation, and a longer jail or prison sentence.

As you can see, multiple DUI convictions are not to be taken lightly. Being convicted of these sorts of charges can have a very significant impact on your life, both in the immediate and long-term. Many people facing these sorts of charges understandably feel overwhelmed, frightened, and just generally lost, not knowing the best way to proceed.

However, there is a powerful solution available that can turn the tables back around in your favor. That solution is reaching out to an attorney. It is imperative to seek out the guidance of an attorney that if you are facing a second, third, or subsequent DUI charge. An qualified, knowledgeable DUI attorney will have ample experience with DUI law and the DUI prosecution and defense field. They will be able to use that knowledge and experience to craft a compelling, solid defense on your behalf, which will ideally reduce or even dismiss your charges.

In Brooklyn, Connecticut, Steven Tomeo is that attorney. Attorney Tomeo has the knowledge, experience, training, skill, and tenacity to argue your case. During his long legal career, Attorney Tomeo has immersed himself in DUI law and courtroom practice, and knows what it takes to get results. Don’t let a single conviction derail your life. Take back control and reach out to Attorney Steven Tomeo for a free, personalized consultation. Call (860) 764-2744 today.

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