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Steven A. Tomeo & Associates, LLC

“Steve Tomeo did a great job representing me in my case. He took the time to get to know me as a human being instead of just another client. He showed genuine concern throughout the ordeal and transitioned well with the COVID-19 times. Steve helped me take care of a 30-day mandatory sentence by advocating on my behalf, eventually getting it dismissed. He was easy to reach, always in contact, and conducted himself in a professional manner at all times. I highly recommend Steve and his firm for their excellent service.”
John G.

“I just wanted to take the time and thank you for all your kindness and all your help with my cases. You came to every appointment and always helped me feel more at ease about going to court.”

“When I received my DUI, I wasn’t well educated on the legal system nor the process I was about to encounter. I am very fortunate to have met Steve and let him and his team handle it for me. The case ultimately got dismissed and I am thankful for how professional Steve was during the process, considerate of my situation, and got results for me. I personally recommend Steven A. Tomeo & Associates, LLC to anyone who needs their services, as they are second to none.”
Joseph B.

“I want to convey to others that when I received services from Tomeo Sills LLC out of Hartford, CT., I found them to be kind, considerate and very knowledgeable about the law. Tomeo Sills LLC did not promise anything that they could not deliver. The attorneys got back to me in a timely manner. They showed concern and respect and they all were very professional.”
A Satisfied Client

“I hired Attorney Tomeo to resolve a DWI. I had a prior DWI and knew I needed the BEST DWI defense. From the beginning, Attorney Tomeo treated me with respect and genuine concern. He wanted to help me as best he could, He immediately went to work keeping me informed along the way. He made certain that he addressed EVERY aspect of the case. In the end, my charge was reduced to Reckless Driving. If not for Attorney Tomeo’s expertise in this area, I’m sure it would not have been resolved so quickly and with this outcome. Do not chance getting an attorney not skilled in the area of DWI. You won’t be disappointed with the professionalism and vigor this attorney gave me.”Douglas

“Steve represented me in a tough case. He tried to get the charges dismissed due to a bad stop and a lack of probable cause. We had to make the argument but knew that our position was weak. A full DMV hearing was held where we tried to develop evidence from the arresting officer to help my case. The prosecutor would not reduce the charges or dismiss it. In the end, Steve applied me for the Alcohol Education Program. He did not just walk me down the aisle. He went all out for me. The case was dismissed and I did not have to pay for the AEP.” Mark T.

“I was in the Alcohol Education Program and picked up another DUI with some other charges in another court. Steve persuaded the authorities to let me remain in the AEP and that case was dismissed. Then he settled the other DUI for me. I was able to save my job. I would have lost everything if I had to go to jail for 30 days like others in my position told me they had to do.”Robert G.

“I picked up several DUIs back to back. The prosecution had strong cases. However, Steve was able to put together a plea bargain agreement that called for no jail time. While waiting for the final court date I picked up driving under suspension, alcohol-related offense. The result looked like a year without a license; however, Steve was able to structure another plea bargain agreement that in the end resulted in a 45-day license suspension agreement rather than a much longer one. This enabled me to save my new job. I did not have to plead guilty to the operating under suspension, alcohol-related.”John B.

“I was charged with my third DUI, all were within 10 years. When I went to court the prosecutor told me to hire an attorney because I was facing up to 3 years in jail. I talked the matter over with Steve. He did his investigation. Then he scheduled a DMV hearing and had a full hearing with the police officers. The transcript of the proceeding along with the police video was given to the prosecutor for his review. The charge was reduced to a second offense with 120 days in jail. Steve recommended that we go to trial but I decided not to do so. It can go either way at trial and if I went to trial they would have charged me as a third offender. If I lost at trial I would go to jail for over a year. I chose the 120 days instead. This lower charge with sentence enabled me to save my job. Steve met with me numerous times, answered all of my questions and was always available to my wife and me for consultations. As it now stands, I am anticipating an early release from jail.”Benjamin H.

“I have known Steve for over 5 years. I first met Steve professionally when I was charged with Driving Under Suspension, alcohol-related, and a violation of probation-DUI related. Jail was inevitable and it was the length of time that I was worried about. I was guilty but I only wanted minimal jail time. Steve negotiated a wonderful plea bargain agreement. I was happy as was my wife. Then after getting out of jail I picked up another operating under suspension, alcohol-related. Once again I was facing mandatory jail and a VOP. I was guilty as hell. I thought the stop was bad and wanted to risk everything at a hearing or trial. In the end we plead out but the sentence, this time, was less than the one before. People say to me “well, you still did time so what good was an attorney.” Well, all that I can say is that when you violate the criminal law jail is usually a risk and in alcohol-related cases and VOP cases it may be a probability. You need an attorney that can strike a plea bargain with the prosecutor that a Judge will accept. Steve did this for me. I was happy and would recommend him to anyone. The good this is that I am now alcohol free!.”Peter R.