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Victim Impact Panel

Victim Impact Panel

The CT MADD Victim Impact Panel is a court mandated awareness program that superior court judges order people to take. Please review the following so that you have a better understanding of the program. I would like to add that my clients tell me the program is great and of benefit to them. When you read the following please keep in mind that MADD may change dates, locations and other items.

So, you should go to the MADD website for Connecticut to verify everything.

The CT MADD Victim Impact Panel is a court mandated awareness program. It is presented to offenders who have been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. The program is presented in a non-confrontational manner. Victims of DUI crimes share their own personal stories of how impaired drivers forever changed their lives. The panel offers a unique perspective for attending offenders who are sometimes overlooked or simply cannot grasp the message the courts and other DUI offender programs attempt to convey.

The program was created with one purpose in mind: to show the audience, first-hand, the trauma, physical pain, emotional suffering and devastation, financial loss, anger and frustration commonly experienced by innocent victims, resulting from a DUI-related crash.

Arrival and Payment Information

No pre-registration

Please do not call the panel locations

Please do not call the madd office to register

No appointment needed.

Arrive to register at 10:15 a.M. For daytime program (program ends by 1:00 p.M.)

Arrive to register at 6:15 p.M. For evening program (program ends by 9:00 p.M.)

First come, first served

Please bring:

Photo id

$75 fee

Money order or certified check (no cash or personal checks)

Made out to:


Do not write anything on the back.

No pre-registration ↔ no appointment needed

Please do not call locations or Madd office to register.

Because of the Pandemic you can do the VIP online. The Bail Commissioner will give you a handout advising you.


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