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Settling A Connecticut DUI Case With A Plea Deal Lawyer, New London CityIn this article, you can discover:

  • The criteria attorneys consider when deciding to take a DUI case to trial or accept a plea deal
  • The typical timeline and process of a DUI trial in Connecticut
  • The importance of understanding all options before deciding to go to trial in a DUI case

Are Most DUI Cases In Connecticut Settled With Plea Deals?

Yes, in Connecticut, most DUI cases are settled through plea bargain agreements. This option is often considered when it seems to serve the client’s best interest, especially when there is a high risk of substantial jail time if the case goes to trial and is lost. However, it’s also important to consider the financial implications, as a trial can be costly due to attorney fees, trial preparation, and the possible need for expert witnesses.

What Factors Influence The Decision To Take A DUI Case To Trial Or Accept A Plea Deal?

The decision to go to trial or accept a plea deal often hinges on the strength of the state’s case against the client and the potential consequences of a conviction. Some clients may choose to go to trial if they believe they are not guilty, even if it means risking a significant amount of jail time. Others may opt for trial to avoid a conviction that could lead to job loss. Ultimately, the decision is influenced by a variety of factors, including the client’s financial resources and personal convictions.

What Happens During A DUI Trial In Connecticut?

A DUI trial follows a series of steps: First, the defendant negotiates with the prosecutor, prepares their defense, and conducts necessary investigations and interviews. If negotiations fail, a judicial pre-trial may occur, followed by the case being put on the trial list. Once the case is called for trial, pretrial motions are filed and witnesses are listed. The trial begins once the jury is seated. During the trial, both the prosecutor and the defense present their cases, with each side having the right to cross-examine the other’s witnesses. After both sides have presented their cases, the jury deliberates and delivers a verdict. If the defendant is found guilty, sentencing follows, which could lead to an appeal.

Is The Punishment Typically Worse For Those Found Guilty At Trial Compared To Accepting A Plea Deal?

Yes, generally, the punishment is more severe for those found guilty at trial compared to those who accept a plea deal.

How Crucial Is It To Understand All Options Before Deciding To Go To Trial For A DUI Case In Connecticut?

Understanding all options before deciding to go to trial is vital. It’s important for defendants to have a detailed discussion with their attorney, who will be trying the case, to understand the potential outcomes, risks, and costs involved. They should be aware that the trial outcome is uncertain and could result in a guilty verdict, leading to potentially severe consequences. The financial implications of a trial should also be thoroughly considered.

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