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Steven A. Tomeo & Associates is here to help you put your DUI charge behind you with our proven legal methods.

If you have been charged with a DUI in Connecticut, there is no question that you are probably feeling stressed and overwhelmed. A DUI is a criminal offense, and law enforcement certainly makes this apparent during the arrest and jail booking proceedings.

While you may feel like you have no options, during situations like these it is important to understand that you have rights and options as a defendant – it’s just a matter of how you use them. Legal representation is a vital part of protecting your rights, as it gives you access to the information you need to properly exercise them.

If you have a DUI charge that you need help resolving, Steven A. Tomeo & Associates is eager to offer our expert legal services. With years of experience representing DUI cases, Attorney Steven Tomeo has cultivated a distinguished legal practice that puts his clients first every step of the way. If you are looking for an attorney that will fight for you, look no further than Steven Tomeo.


Charged With A First Time DUI In Connecticut?

An overview of the penalties you may face if you are convicted…

Connecticut does not take DUI charges lightly. Being convicted of a DUI can carry an array of legal repercussions that can only be mitigated with the oversight and guidance of a DUI convictions attorney. This legal insight will enable you to understand the full scope of your criminal charge so that you are able to properly defend yourself against it.

In Connecticut, first-offense DUI convictions carry the following penalties:

  • A Suspended license for 45 days with ignition interlock device (IID) requirements.
  • Fines ranging from $500-$1000.
  • 48 hours mandatory minimum of jail time, with the possibility of a six-month sentence, OR
  • A suspended six-month jail sentence with 100 hours of community service.

In addition to these initial punishments, there are administrative penalties as well. Following a DUI conviction, the defendant must consider:

  • That refusing or failing to participate in a chemical alcohol test results in a 45-day license suspension.
  • That an IID must be installed in the vehicle in order for your license reinstatement.
  • The IID must be installed for six months if the BAC was over .08% on the first offense.
  • There is a one-year minimum requirement for an IID device if the BAC was over .20% on the first offense.

While these penalties may seem daunting, it is important to understand that the best way to defend yourself against a conviction is by working with a first-offense DUI attorney. This will provide you with the tools you need to effectively construct a strategy for your case.

Common Defense Strategies That DUI Lawyers Utilize

DUI criminal defense lawyers have a variety of legal procedures they can use to provide relief to your situation. After looking over the details of your case, your attorney can defend your case by demonstrating:

  • There were no legal grounds to pull you over.
  • The breathalyzer test was improperly administered.
  • Field sobriety tests were improperly administered.
  • The officer violated your rights in some way.
  • Your BAC was below the legal limit.

The Importance Of Working With A DUI Defense Attorney To Resolve Your Case

Whether you are seeking an alcohol or marijuana DUI attorney, legal representation is critical to ensuring that your rights are protected and your case is resolved. Expert legal guidance will provide you with invaluable information that will help you make informed decisions about your future and how to proceed toward a successful case conclusion.


Steven A. Tomeo & Associates: We Offer You The Legal Protection That You Deserve

Have you been charged with a DUI in Abington, CT, or the surrounding area? Our firm is here to help!

Attorney Steven Tomeo is a legal professional that is committed to your protection. Facing DUI charges can be unsettling, that’s why it is so important to work with an attorney that has your best interests in mind. No matter what, we will fight for you and protect your rights so that you can move forward.

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